Video Library Program

Our Educational Videos can only be viewed through our Video Library Program which requires Windows 7, 8 or 10,
but has also been tested on Windows 10 installed on Apple Mac with Parallels.

No installation is required and can be copied to as many computers as needed.

The program can be downloaded from the following link:






Once you have downloaded the program you can run it and you will be asked to log in with the credential of the IOSS website.

Therefore, it is necessary to be a registered user on our web site.
If you are not registered yet, you can sign up from any page of our site, including this one.

The Contents

In the library, you will see a list of the videos for which you have access.
We will have soon a shop where you will be able to buy the right of vision for a specific video.
All Videos are expiring at a specific date and can be played for a predetermined maximum video duration.
This info will be available at the time of  purchase.

All the videos we distribute with our platform are copyrighted, any attempt of copy or redistribution is illegal.