Treatment planning and Mechanics Design
with T3d Occlusogram and DMA software. 
Course available only as recordings.

Online Course by Giorgio Fiorelli

 This year we start our online activity with a course for which there is a great need, among those who are interested in learning and mastering biomechanics.

The first pillar, in order to produce a proper mechanics design, is to define exactly the treatment goal in three dimensions, which corresponds to a large extent to the needed dental movements. If these can be reproduced graphically they can support and make possible and more accurate the estimation of the needed force systems, the evaluation of the anchorage needs and the design of a proper mechanics.  

With this in mind, we have developed specifics software that can help the orthodontist in this procedure and we would like to train you in their use.

T3d Occlusogram
T3d Occlusogram

This course will be very interactive, for this reason, we will limit the participants only to the maximum number of 12 and you will need to attend the live session in order to use the software with our tutoring.
Included in the course cost, there is in fact, a one year license for both the T3d occlusogram and the DMA software, together with some digital models and other materials needed to make treatment planning and mechanics design exercises.

The course should be attended by people who are interested in further developing their biomechanics studies, so we invite especially our students of the last years' biomechanics online or residential courses or other doctors who plan to attend the upcoming biomechanics courses.

 dma over digital models 

See a video presentation of T3do Occlusogram Software by Dr. Giorgio Fiorelli


The course will take place this year in 3 sessions from 2 pm to 5 pm CET

May 2nd,
May 22nd,
May 29h.

The cost of the course will be 1,200 CHF, including one year license for the software T3do and DMA, plus digital models and other material to execute your first treatment plannings.
It will possible to buy at the license expiration a permanent license or a yearly renewal of it with a 20% discount.

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