This summer course edition was rapidly sold out. Another edition will be organized starting in October 2020.
A pre-registration list is open.


Due to the covid-19 outbreak, our teaching activities have completely changed for this year and our European Biomechanics Course has finally been postponed to next year.

The " Biomechanics Core Online Course 2020 " will be our main course for this year and we intend this course also as a pre-selection and preparation for our classic teaching in future years.

Ten 4-hour webinars will represent the starting point to attend future European Biomechanics Courses by IOSS and Biomede.

The program will be highly interactive, and we will admit a very limited amount of participants to allow such interactivity. A maximum of 32 students will be accepted to this course.

With this course, you get also all the software and material that we normally use in our onsite lectures.

  • The "Biomechanics in Orthodontics" online textbook - Base Contract
  • The "Exercises in Orthodontic Biomechanics" E-book - 
  • "T3do Occlusogram" and DMA software for Treatment Planning and Mechanics Design. 1-year-license

We will try, in spite of the limits of remote teaching, to organize also some practical activity, by doing biomechanics tests, occlusograms, and some wire bending.

The cost of the course is 1,800 CHF.  Consider that the value of the provided software is around 1,300 CHF.

Most important: you will be able to redeem 2/3 of your course fee, by registering to a future IOSS on-site course in the years 2021 or 2022.

  We will record the lectures and let them available to you afterward, however, we strongly recommend to attend the live sessions in order to participate actively in our teaching.

Since there will be a practical part with wire bending, to be done also outside the webinar times, you are asked to get organized with wires and pliers as described here.


Detailed Program 1st Edition

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