Testimonials - Biomechanics Summer School

Biomechanics Summer School
Aya elhammady
2017-12-21, 09:34
I attended the online course for the last 6 months
And may I say it’s the best course ever plus Dr.Gorgio is the most talented one ever
The course content is very good
The book is more than amazing
God bless
Wislei Oliveira
2017-08-11, 21:10
Summer School is the ultimate experience when it comes to learn biomechanic in orthodontics. The great team of Professors composed by Prof. Giorgio Fiorelli and Prof Birte Melsen are willing to lecture on comprehensive topics, including accurate diagnosis, treatment plan and sound mechanics needed to solve the most challenging cases.
Dorina Sula Thelen
2017-08-10, 19:40
I have attended the 5 weeks summer course on 2017. It was a great experience and can definitely say that has moved my clinical knowledges on a higher level. I must say that because of this school you became more effective and rational in your treatment.The teachers Giorgio and Birte and Wislei have a high level and they covered different orthodontic topics that make the course very broad and interesting as well.In overall this course is a must for every orthodontist.Regards Dorina Thelen
Gazwan Basha
2017-08-10, 18:34
An experiment which you will never forget.
5 weeks of biomechanics knowledge and science , meeting with new orthodontists from all over the workd , discussing methods of treatment, exploring new ways of thinking and judgment.
5 weeks are over!!!? Maybe, but learning is still on , after more than one year of this course we still discussing cases, knowledge and help each other in every problem or to solve any question which we face in our clinic.
Thank you Giorgio for the great course, and thanx to Birte as well for the great lectures.
katarzyna Bindek-Sypien
2017-08-05, 20:24
This biomechanical course Lido di Camoaire2017 has been a perfect experience at this point of my orthodontic career. I have got the opportunity to learn from the best. Both Giorgio and Prof. Birte are skillful, passionate , humble and excited to show you the way of the biomechanic in orthodontic. The way they showed us the different techniques of treatment will for sure influence my future clinic work and add lots of common sense thinking to my practice. Although the beginning it was more like roller-coaster ride exploring totally new side of orthodontic with the time I realised that this is the path I would like to follow. Except anything else in this course the special price was to meet wonderful people-friends_ from all over the world, who will stay deep in my heart. I have to admit that this five weeks class added immense value to my life. Kasia BIndek-Sypien. POLAND
Hoai Phan
2017-08-05, 12:36
Get the base knowlegde in 5 weeks (actually the most difficul one) and receive the shortest way to your orthodontic practice. I really enjoy it, the course, tutors, friend and other social services. This will open another door to fullfill your career for sure.
2017-08-03, 19:21
Just an amazing five weeks with Giorgio, Birte , Wislei, Asta and 20 colleagues from all around the world. After that, I have all that I need to treat my patients, and friends for life. Rafa Castro SPAIN
Gidalti Bueno Linhares
2017-08-03, 12:44
I was a sad DENTIST and an unhappy orthodontist till 2015 summer. I was feeling like a robot always doing the same thing, at september of 2014 I was on a Lecture from a Famous Brazilian Orthodontist who made a lot of references to Birte and Giorgio. I've searched them on web, found the IOSS website and subscribe to the 2016 Summer School.
Fortunately some doctor gave up and a place on the 2015 class dropped on my lap!
Orthodontics Summer School saved my life (literally, but this is another history for another testimonial) and saved my carrer, now two years later I'm a happier doctor and I'm making the difference, trying to spread this good seed!

Elsa Arango
2017-08-02, 14:37
What Biomechanics Summer School means to me.............
Incredible lectures given by top notch professionals that teach you how to think intensely and critically forming professional character.This course was full of values and gave me useful tools for my career.
Amazing team of staff and colleagues that always gave me a hand, opened my mind, and touched my heart. I´ll miss you !!!
Elsa Arango/ Colombia
Anastasia Pariskou
2017-08-01, 17:33
Five intense weeks! A steep learning curve.....
20 amazing colleagues!!
Two Gurus in Biomechanics, Prof.Birte Melsen and Dr. Giorgio Fiorelli.
4 great adjunct tutors: Wislei,Asta,Kamilla and Erkan!
An amazing team!! Biomechanics Summer School 2017!
Take home message: Believe in yourself! If you can dream it....you can do it!!
Big hug to everyone of you guys!!Love you!!
Anastasia / Greece
Giorgio Fiorelli
2017-07-30, 07:22
I invite all those who have attended the biomechanics summer school since 2013 to post here their comments about their experience.
Talk about the lectures, the organization, about the impact that can have on your profession.
For those who have attended years ago the course you could also write your follow up with the teachers and other colleagues of the group and how the course acctually did have an impact on your job,
I would greatly appeciate if you write your country, email and year of attendance in the comment field, so that other doctor could contact you asking for more info.