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Due to the Covid-19 outbreak in Italy and Europe, we have reorganized the whole course.

This is the new program:

  • Unit 1 - 2 Online Lectures for 3 weeks  (June 29h-July 17th)  from Monday to Friday
    Sessions start daily at 2 pm and end a 7 pm (Italian time) For a total of 75 hours.
    These lectures will be interactive and should not be attended as recorded webinars.
    Exceptions can be done for special reasons and up to a maximum of 5 days.
  • Units 2 and 3 - 2 Onsite meetings 
    7 full days of activity for each meeting. These will include the practical part with wire bending and typodont activity.
    Dates and Place for these 2 meetings will be decided only when the outbreak will be under control. The location will be in all cases in Europe.
    Since we need to provide a 6-month notice for these meetings, we hope we can organize them by the end of the year, but they could also be scheduled for the beginning of next year.

This program delivers the same education of our traditional all onsite course,  covering the same topics and activities of the original program  as it was in the previous editions of the course. It is also complying with the Biomede Curriculum for full certification.

More info about the program

Senior Teachers: Giorgio Fiorelli (Italy), Birte Melsen (Denmark)
Junior Teachers: Asta Abuneviciute (Lithuania),  Kamila Kabacinska (Poland), Paola Merlo (Switzerland), Erkjan Timmer (Netherlands) Stefania Rado (Hungary)












Course Fee 

The course fee is 8,200 CHF for registrations before May 1st, 2020
9,000 CHF after that date.
Registrations will close on June 25th,2020

See more about fees

 Cancellation and Refund Policy

No refund for cancellation of the course by a registered doctor is possible, however, if the same doctor will register to another Residential Biomechanics Course, organized by IOSS GmbH in the year 2020/21, a credit equal to 50% of the amount already paid, will be considered.


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