Course Fee for 2021 European Biomechanics Course 

CHF 10,000
Registration Fee CHF 1,500 (Online by PayPal (Extra 5% for PayPal costs), or Bank Wire Transfer)
Balance of CHF 8,500 to be paid by May 15th, 2021 after final course confirmation.
(Bank Wire Transfer Only):

In the course fee are included:

  • The base contract for the Biomechanics in Orthodontics Online Textbook.
  • One year license for T3do Occlusogram and DMA software
  • The book "Exercises in Orthodontic Biomechanics"
  • The use of models/typodonts for the practical part.
  • Coffee breaks
  • Final Certificate issued by IOSS
  • Biomede certification
  • ADA certification can be obtained with an extra contribution (please ask for this at registration).

In the course fee are not included:

  • Travel expenses
  • Visa Expenses
  • Lodging and meals.
  • Pliers and wires for the practical activity.
  • Digital Models for case presentations (during units 2 and 3)
  • ADA certification
    (can be obtained with an extra 50 CHF contribution please ask for it at registration).

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Full reimbursement will be done in the following cases:

1)  IOSS cancels or postpones the course, for any reason.
2) In Italy, or in the country where we will finally decide to deliver the course, on April 30th we have more than 3 detected cases per day every 100,000 people. In this case, we will probably cancel or postpone the course, but registered doctors will have the right, in any case, to have their refund, even if we don't do that.
3) If from the country of residence of the participant doctor to Italy or to the country where we will finally decide to deliver the course, there are travel general restrictions or you need to have a quarantine period. This criterion applies for the 2 months period before the course starts. (It means that if you have restrictions in March 2021 you can't cancel your registration and be refunded). 
4) If you have a covid19 illness still active in the period June 1st, June 27th.
Credit for one of the following courses will be recognized. 
in case you decide to cancel your participation for any reason, before June 1st, 2021, you will not be refunded, but your payment will be deducted for another residential course (not later than 2023) you will eventually decide to attend.
Cancellations that will be received on June 1st, 2021 or later,  with the exceptions of those due to travel restrictions (see above), will give no right for a refund.




Payments can be done by Bank Wire Transfer to:

Studenbühlstrasse 20,
8832 Wollerau- Switzerland
Bank accounts with Credit Suisse
Parade Platz 8 -  8070 Zurich - Switzerland
Payments in Swiss Francs
IBAN CH19 0483 5157 5989 8100 0
Bank account 1575989-81
Payments in Euro
IBAN CH82 0483 5157 5989 8200 0
Bank account 1575989-82
Please note that transfer expenses should always be charged to the payer.